Inch by Inch

In the fall of 2014, drawing on several years of previous positive experience with the small garden, the school received a large grant from Connecticut-based Bingham Foundation to implement a new program we call Inch by Inch. Through this project, the garden is in the process of being significantly expanded and will provide inter-disciplinary support for all core subject areas – English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Wood Shop – as well as provide a vehicle for students to learn life and job skills. The Bingham funding has been a springboard for additional funding for the garden from a number of other donors, such as the funds to build two High Tunnels.

The Inch by Inch project has three major goals:

  1. To provide a hands-on way outside the classroom to support each of the academic subject areas.

  2. To grow and harvest fruits and vegetables that can be used in school lunches – including produce students already know they like, as well as foods that will encourage them to try foods outside their comfort zone.

  3. To grow, harvest and process the produce necessary to produce 2 different hot sauce recipes. Our milder hot sauce (called “Southeast Heat”) will incorporate tomatoes and Serrano peppers. Our hot, hot sauce (called “Falcon's Inferno” in honor of our school mascot) will have a mix of tomatoes, Anaheim peppers and Jalapeno peppers.

For further information about Inch by Inch, contact the project manager, Jann Knappage via


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Phone: (606) 886-8374
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